Alliance Sud News

Alliance Sud News offers commentary and critical analyses of Swiss development and foreign policy related to poor countries and their population. It is published four times a year.
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Alliance Sud News No. 92 – Spring 2018

Climate responsibility: Switzerland's swindle confirmed | Tax Proposal 17: Old wine in new skins | Investments: Who pays when things go wrong? | Remittances: Earning money far from home | Corporate responsibility: The big players disagree | etc.
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Alliance Sud News No. 91 – Autumn 2017

Climate Conference in Bonn: Focus on loss and damage | New Foreign Minister: World domestic policy challenge | Business and Human Rights: Voluntary dialogue with poor performance | Investment protection: New rules needed | AIIB under scrutiny | etc.
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Alliance Sud News No. 90 – Summer 2017

What is violence prevention achieving? | Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Tourism | Business and Human Rights: A lesson from London | Climate Financing: Federal Council produces hot air | Foreign Investments: Iran as a test for Switzerland | etc.