Analysis from Alliance Sud

In its quarterly magazine «global» (published in German and in French) Alliance Sud offers commentary and critical analysis of Swiss development and foreign policy. Most of the articles are translated into English and published on this website.

Till spring 2018 we published our articles and analysis as well in the English speaking quarterly alliance sud news.

With the relaunch of our magazine global in summer 2018 we decided to stop producing alliance sud news as well in its printed as in its PDF version.

However, for our English speaking readers we still translate exactly the same amount of articles and analysis as before. You find them all here on the Alliance Sud website.

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Alliance Sud News No. 92 – Spring 2018

Climate responsibility: Switzerland's swindle confirmed | Tax Proposal 17: Old wine in new skins | Investments: Who pays when things go wrong? | Remittances: Earning money far from home | Corporate responsibility: The big players disagree | etc.
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Alliance Sud News No. 91 – Autumn 2017

Climate Conference in Bonn: Focus on loss and damage | New Foreign Minister: World domestic policy challenge | Business and Human Rights: Voluntary dialogue with poor performance | Investment protection: New rules needed | AIIB under scrutiny | etc.
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Alliance Sud News No. 90 – Summer 2017

What is violence prevention achieving? | Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Tourism | Business and Human Rights: A lesson from London | Climate Financing: Federal Council produces hot air | Foreign Investments: Iran as a test for Switzerland | etc.