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Published: 07. 05. 2009

Alliance Sud InfoDoc© Daniel Rihs/Alliance Sud

Alliance Sud operates information and documentation centres in Berne and Lausanne. Alliance Sud InfoDoc provides the Swiss public with information about development issues, developing countries, and North-South relations, with a special emphasis on Switzerland's connections with developing countries. Information about Alliance Sud InfoDoc is available in German and French only.
Alliance Sud InfoDoc offers:

  • A reference library containing the latest handbooks, annual reports and statistics;
  • A lending library with over 3000 volumes in Berne;
  • More than 160 periodicals, including Swiss and international newspapers and magazines, NGO newsletters, specialised periodicals, press releases, etc. covering all countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe as well as some 500 development-related topics;
  • A unique collection of newspaper clippings about Swiss development policy and Switzerland’s political and economic connections with individual developing countries

Alliance Sud InfoDoc in Berne (German)

Alliance Sud InfoDoc in Lausanne (French)

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