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India Should Accept Disaster Assistance | by Shashi Tharoor

India is a proud country that prefers to rely on its own resources. But when its resources are nowhere near sufficient to meet the needs of its people – who are suffering in the wake of devastating floods in the state of Kerala – it is irresponsible...
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'The next billion users': Google targets India's lucrative mobile market

As mobile markets in developed world near saturation, Google rolls out Neighbourly, its first Indian-inspired social network
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Portrait énergétique de l’Inde à l’ère Modi

New Delhi sera-t-il capable d’allier industrialisation et lutte contre le changement climatique ?



Ausbeutung von Mädchen in der indischen Tabakindustrie

In Andra Pradesh, Indien, arbeiten unzählige Mädchen für die Tabakindustrie, um sich und ihre Familien über Wasser zu halten. Tag für Tag rollen sie mit ihren Geschwistern und Müttern 1'000 Beedis, typische indische Zigaretten und verdienen dafür...

Poop on Poverty

Every winter Pushkar in India holds a seven-day religious festival and the world's biggest camel fair. With around 25,000 camels in town, you can expect a lot of camel droppings. And these droppings provide an opportunity – a chance for poor...

The making of sanitary napkins at the Barefoot College

Sechs Frauen von Tilonia, Rajasthan/Indien, stellen Binden her und verkaufen sie in den Dorfgemeinschaften. Dadurch können Mädchen zur Schule und Frauen zur Arbeit gehen, ohne sich Sorgen um die Menstruation zu machen. Das Video zeigt die...


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Digital India through a Gender Lens / Anita Gurumurthy ; Heinrich Böll Stiftung (Hrsg.)

This research paper seeks to analyse Digital India from a gender perspective, evaluating its implications for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

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Saving for those back home

Migrants' remittances hit a new record in 2014. Some USD 600 billion were transferred to home countries worldwide. Yet the data situation is unclear and the discussion on development benefits complex.
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«Profit should not be an end in itself»

The 3rd Session of an Inter-Governmental Working Group convened in October in Geneva, chaired by Guillaume Long. It is charged with elaborating an international legally binding instrument on transnational corporations and human rights. An interview.
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Investment protection: A collapsing system

States sign investment protection agreements among themselves, multinational corporations can sue if they are violated. This is becoming ever more frequent. But more and more States are reacting by terminating those agreements.