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Human Rights as a Foundation for Practice by Susan Maret, Ph.D. « SpeakUP!


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Online article

Human Rights as a Foundation for Practice by Susan Maret, Ph.D. « SpeakUP!

Online article

Five libraries around the world that are open despite the odds

On World Book Day, a look at libraries from Egypt to Dominica that have remained open despite death threats, extreme weather and terrorism
Online article

Education before Regulation: IFLA Engages at Fake News Workshop



Lifelong Learning and Equality of Opportunities for All

Education is a powerful driver of development and is one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty. But for many, it isn’t as simple as just going to school. Today, 250 million children don’t know how to read even though many have been to...

Education for all – Global Monitoring Report 2015

Animated video with key messages from the final, Education for All Global Monitoring Report - «Education for All 2000-2015: Achievements and challenges».

Accès à l'éducation, à l'information et à la culture lors des crises humanitaire

Bibliothèques Sans Frontières a créé une médiathèque en kit qui s'ouvre en moins de 20 minutes. Elle contient des équipements et des contenus adaptés à chaque situation et s'adresse en priorité aux populations vivant dans des situations de crise...


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Guide to Greener Electronics 2017 : Greenpeace Reports / Gary Cook, Elizabeth Jardim ; Greenpeace

The Guide to Greener Electronics provides an analysis of what 17 of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies are doing to address their environmental impacts. In this edition we evaluate three impact areas: energy use, resource consumption, and chemical elimination. (Ed.)

Pressefreiheit - nicht überall erhältlich / Anton Landgraf... [et al.]

Die iz3w erscheint in einem Land mit einer «guten Situation» für Presseerzeugnisse (globaler Index der Reporter ohne Grenzen). In vielen Ländern ist die Lage infolge von Repressionen «sehr ernst», zum Beispiel in China, in Iran oder Sudan. Auch in Ländern zwischen diesen Extremen kann freier...
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Apprendre, pour réaliser la promesse de l'éducation : abrégé / Groupe de la Banque mondiale

Chaque année, le Rapport sur le développement dans le monde de la Banque mondiale met en vedette un sujet d’importance capitale pour le développement mondial. Le Rapport sur le développement dans le monde 2018 — APPRENDRE pour réaliser la promesse de l’éducation — est le premier consacré...

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WTO and the fourth industrial revolution

The 11th WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires shall discuss – among other topics – the liberalisation of E-commerce. The digital divide is likely to deepen even more. The Alliance Sud position.
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Does Tax Proposal 17 spell blacklist?

Switzerland is not on the EU's new blacklist of tax havens around the world. Research by Oxfam International and the Tax Justice Network nonetheless shows that this speaks not in favour of Switzerland, but against the EU.

New website – new possibilities!

Alliance Sud has a new website that opens up entirely new possibilities to users. Whether topical development issues or the immense collection of the InfoDoc documentation centres, everything is just a few clicks away.