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Development Aid

Alliance Sud on development cooperation and development policies of Swizerland.

The OECD development cooperation of the future

The OECD development cooperation of the future

Development cooperation should greatly expand its topic range and pay more attention to global public goods. This is the general tenor of the report published by the «forward thinker», the OECD, to mark the 50th anniversary of its Development Assistance Committee DAC. ...>>

Busan: OECD veering in the wrong direction

Busan: OECD veering in the wrong direction

The broad outlines of a new structure for official development aid will be laid out in Busan, South Korea in late November. For the fourth time since 2003, industrialized and developing countries will be discussing ways of making development cooperation more effective. The competition for «new donor countries» and the private sector could well set the clock back and water down important principles. ...>>

Swiss ODA: major debate in prospect

The Swiss Parliament will be holding a major debate next year on official development assistance. It will focus on an overall credit package for the years 2013 to 2016, worth between 10 and 12 billion francs. ...>>

Fighter jets and development aid

Fighter jets and development aid

Our parliament took two astounding decisions this year. It decided in the spring to increase the development aid budget and in the autumn to expand the army and purchase new combat aircraft. Both affect foreign policy, including the decision on the army. What can we expect from them? - By Peter Niggli ...>>

SDC keen to step up cooperation with Swiss multinationals

The international trend towards public-private partnerships with multinationals in the field of development aid is growing. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) too has jumped onto the bandwagon. The expectations are clear, but the criteria for cooperation, on the contrary, are vague. ...>>

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For decades now there has been talk of the right to development, poverty reduction, and human rights for all. But very little is happening in reality, the traditional development models having failed. Two Alliance Sud member organizations now foment the debate on alternatives through an international dialogue platform. ...>> dialogue4change


Social Watch ReportSocial Watch Report 2012

The international Social Watch network published its Social Watch Report 2012. On the eve of the Rio+20 conference it addresses the issue of sustainable development. ...>>

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