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Articles on international water policy and on the activities of the Swiss coalition «Water – a public good».

Water conflicts and government control

Peter Brabeck, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nestle, recently laid out his ideas concerning a sustainable water policy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. His view is that scarce water resources would best be allocated by means of market mechanisms. ...>>

End of water privatization?

End of water privatization?

In the past two years several cities in Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have taken back control of their drinking water supply systems, which had been privatized years earlier. So far the highpoint in this trend has been the re-municipalization of the Paris water supply system in early 2010 – and this in the very heart of what is home to the largest private water companies. ...>>

World Water Forum in Istanbul

World Water Forum in Istanbul

Billed in the run-up as the largest water event of all time, the fifth World Water Forum drew to a close in Istanbul on 22 March 2009. Altogether more than 25,000 people from 150 countries took part in the huge week-long event. By no means did it live up to its grandiose slogan «Bridging Divides for Water». Instead, the water divides are wider and deeper than ever ... - Article published in: Alliance Sud News No. 59 / Spring 2009 ...>>

Seminar: Access to water - a human right

In view of the international World Water Day 2007 on March 22, the Swiss Coalition «Water – a public good» held a conference on 16 March 2007, organised by Alliance Sud and with the participation of Maude Barlow. ...>>

Switzerland finances controversial water privatisation fund

In June 2006, Norway will be withdrawing from an international fund that actively promotes the privatisation of water supplies in developing countries. Switzerland, in contrast, will continue to finance that fund until mid-2008 at least. - Article published in: Alliance Sud News, No 51, April 2006. ...>>

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For decades now there has been talk of the right to development, poverty reduction, and human rights for all. But very little is happening in reality, the traditional development models having failed. Two Alliance Sud member organizations now foment the debate on alternatives through an international dialogue platform. ...>> dialogue4change

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