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Having a voice is a prerequisite for development

In functioning societies, civil society acts as a critical counterpart to the government. There is a worldwide trend toward restricting or even closing down spaces for participation and critical engagement by NGOs.
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Moving beyond resistance

Human rights and democracy activists are not only targeted by the powerful in authoritarian countries. Time to develop new visions and strategies.
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«The debate on inequality is a highly charged one»

The 2030 Agenda is a world constitution of sorts: it conceives of the world as a political, social and societal whole. Hence, existing challenges can only be met through joint action by rich and poor countries. Interview with researcher Sabin Bieri.
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How can development funds be used effectively?

Having committed to common goals through the 2030 Agenda, the world community met in Nairobi to discuss what form of development cooperation can effectively contribute to attaining the agreed goals.
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2030 agenda and private sector

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SDGs: Only what is measured is tackled

The adoption of the UN Agenda 2030 was a historic moment. In Spring the UN Statistical Commission will decide how progress in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals will be measured.

2030 Agenda: 17 goals for saving the planet

Steering world development in a forward-looking direction. This is the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals that the UN set itself in September 2015.
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2030 Agenda: Paper tiger or driver of change?

In late September, the UN General Assembly adopted the comprehensive "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". Action is also needed in Switzerland.