Agenda 2030

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We need sustainability assessments!

Sustainability cannot become a request show. If the Federal Council takes it seriously, the monitoring of it should be built into free trade agreements as a matter of course.
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The contentious migration pact

Swiss politics has painted an unworthy picture in recent weeks. The bickering over the UN's well-balanced declaration of intent gives a foretaste of the 2019 election year.
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No to the self-determination initiative!

Human rights are under pressure worldwide. An overwhelming NO to the Swiss People's Party's anti-human rights initiative would be nothing more than a clear yes of Switzerland to human rights. Alliance Sud is also committed to this.
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2030 Agenda: Domestic policy is foreign policy!

Swiss civil society – organized in the Platform Agenda 2030 – presented its report entitled «How sustainable is Switzerland? Implementing the 2030 Agenda from a civil society perspective».
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Sustainability at the centre of power?

The implementation of the 2030 Agenda is organizationally a difficult undertaking. Switzerland too is facing its problems in that regard. Who in the administration should be charged with this task? And what powers will it require?
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Big show, little Switzerland...

Switzerland's progress report could make for an embarrassing appearance before the UN and set a bad example for States that are even less serious about implementing the 2030 Agenda.
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«Typically Swiss compromise» would be disastrous

In the Swiss Federal Administration, there is discord over which body should take the lead on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. There is an urgent need to assign responsibility at a very senior level, and for powers clearly defined.
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2030 Agenda: Teeth for the paper tiger

Alliance Sud is committed to the implementation of the ambitious global reference framework that is the 2030 Agenda. Hereunder are the crucial points from a development standpoint.
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Reference framework for sustainable development

The United Nation's Agenda 2030 has the potential to cure a world that is out of control. But constant pressure from civil society is needed.