Agenda 2030

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SDGs: Swiss civil society gets organised

Alliance Sud, the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions, the Environment Alliance and the Centre for Peacebuilding are coordinating how the Swiss civil society can help the Sustainable Development Goals on the road to succes.
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2030 Agenda: Switzerland far off the mark

The international community will meet in New York in July to take stock of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Switzerland too will put forward its plans for attaining the Sustainable Development Goals.
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2030 agenda and private sector

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SDGs: Only what is measured is tackled

The adoption of the UN Agenda 2030 was a historic moment. In Spring the UN Statistical Commission will decide how progress in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals will be measured.

2030 Agenda: 17 goals for saving the planet

Steering world development in a forward-looking direction. This is the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals that the UN set itself in September 2015.
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2030 Agenda: Paper tiger or driver of change?

In late September, the UN General Assembly adopted the comprehensive "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". Action is also needed in Switzerland.
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Sustainability for the mass market

Am 1. Mai 2013 gab der Bundesrat grünes Licht für einen Vierjahreskredit über 30 Millionen Franken für die strategische Partnerschaft zwischen dem Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft (Seco) und der holländischen Stiftung für nachhaltigen Handel (IDH).
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Backtracking on biofuels

Biofuels were immensely popular some years ago. At last, we could drive our cars without harming the climate! And yet its environmental and developmental problems have long been known. Politicians are only now beginning to react.
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4th World Water Forum in Mexico

The Forum culminated in an appeal to governments, published by non-governmental organisations from four continents, Alliance Sud among them. Tthey called for concrete action to implement the right to water for all and to keep multinationals at bay.