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Responsible Business Initiative

The Responsible Business Initiative has been launched in the end of April. With it the debate about business and human rights is heatening up. Diametrically opposed positions are now shifting.
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Stock corporation law: Action, not words!

The revision of Swiss stock corporation law submitted by the Federal Council remains insufficient. Transparency, respect for human rights and environmental standards should be given greater importance.
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Increased corporate accountability blocked

Following a turbulent debate, the Swiss lower chamber of parliament initially accepted a motion for increased corporate accountability only to repeat the vote and ultimately dismiss the motion.
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Resolution passed on transnational enterprises

The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution calling for the creation of a binding international agreement on the observance of human rights by multinational enterprises.
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«Prevention should not become an empty phrase»

After the autumn session 2014 of Swiss parliament, National Councillor Ursula Haller will be stepping down after 15 years. In an interview, the Centre politician (BDP) is convinced that a flourishing economy and ethical conduct can go together.
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When access to judicial remedies is flouted

Those whose rights are trampled on by a multinational should be able to successfully seek compensation. A new study shows how difficult this is for victims in the South when the multinational is headquartered in the North.
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OECD contact point: Switzerland lags behind

If an enterprise infringes the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises, a complaint can be filed with the National Contact Point (NCP). These entities operate with varying degrees of seriousness and independence, however.