Climate and environment

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Climate: New Deal at what price?

The world has a new Climate Deal. However, the countries of the South’s hope for a concrete financing roadmap hasn’t materialized.
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Climate payments to be funded from development aid

Switzerland is to pay around 1 billion francs annually as of 2020 for international climate protection. In an interview with Alliance Sud News, FOEN Director Bruno Oberle goes on the offensive.
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Fossil fuels – it's all about money

The pivotal question in the climate negotiations is how to cut CO₂ emissions in individual countries quickly and effectively. Even more crucial would be not exploiting fossil fuel reserves in the first place.
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Climate financing: New money needed

In May 2014 the Government put Switzerland's climate policy on standby. As for international climate financing, it is operating on the premise that a substiantial part can still be taken from development aid funds...
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Switerland's lacklustre climate policy

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has invited Heads of State and Government to an extraordinary climate summit in autumn 2014. By then he expects commitments to more stringent climate goals, which are to be embodied in a new climate change agreement.
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«Climate financing» in developing countries

Industrialized countries promised to support developing countries with new and additional funds in their climate-friendly development. Switzerland too comes up short on innovative approaches to finding new funding sources.