Financing for development


Charging asylum costs to development budgets

In Switzerland, every fifth franc that was declared as development funding in 2016 went toward refugee costs. Alliance Sud gathered facts and figures and compares them with other OECD member countries.
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Asylum costs: The great labelling fraud

Again in 2016, every fifth franc of official development spending remained in Switzerland. This makes Switzerland the largest recipient of its own development funds.
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Learning from the rich how to save

Although the Finance Department regularly announces budget surpluses, development aid is to be cut yet again. What is not being mentioned is that Switzerland's taxation and debt levels are among the lowest.
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Achieving more with less money?

The Government hails the long-term strategic benefits of development cooperation, while at the same time it is planning massive cuts precisely in this area.
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Interview with SDC Director Manuel Sager

"Additional climate aid without new funds limits existing tasks", says Manuel Sager, Director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in an interview.
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More climate protection, less development aid?

Peter Niggli, Director of Alliance Sud, disagrees with Bruno Oberle. To fund climate contributions from the development budget would contradict the law on development aid.
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Addis Ababa conference: Funding development goals

The Third UN Conference on Financing for Development will take place in Addis Ababa in July 2015. The key question will be how to finance the Sustainable Development Goals.
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PPDP: controversial rather than coherent

Win-win – everyone benefits. That is the promise held out by the closing of ranks between State and private sector. Alliance Sud looks at the stumbling blocks.