Development policy

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Where misunderstandings abound

Development cooperation is expected to prevent migration and guard against terrorism. This is too short-sighted. An overdue clarification of the limits and possibilities of development cooperation.
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New head of FDFA: World domestic policy challenge

Many in the media suggest that Swiss foreign policy is primarily policy on Europe. But the new Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis is also responsible for development policy. Major challenges lie ahead.
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Contradictory plans for Africa

Migration prevention is becoming an ever more prominent feature of international cooperation. Lately, the funding of systems of repression has also become a part of it. The new Foreign Minister is well advised to raise questions about this trend.

Charging asylum costs to development budgets

In Switzerland, every fifth franc that was declared as development funding in 2016 went toward refugee costs. Alliance Sud gathered facts and figures and compares them with other OECD member countries.
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Asylum costs: The great labelling fraud

Again in 2016, every fifth franc of official development spending remained in Switzerland. This makes Switzerland the largest recipient of its own development funds.
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What is violence prevention achieving?

There is a direct link between terror and underdevelopment. Like official Switzerland, UN bodies too are convinced of this. A review of the academic findings.
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The misguided policy of turning a blind eye

Also in Switzerland the "refugee crisis" is causing a stir. A few facts would be a useful input to this discussion.
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Learning from the rich how to save

Although the Finance Department regularly announces budget surpluses, development aid is to be cut yet again. What is not being mentioned is that Switzerland's taxation and debt levels are among the lowest.

Short-sighted savings at expense of the poorest

Massive cuts were made to the Confederation's 2016 development assistance budget. The Federal Council also cut back the credit lines in its Dispatch on Switzerland's International Cooperation 2017-2020.