Development policy

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Are corporations saving the world?

Since 2010, multinationals have been investing more than 600 billion dollars annually in business activities in developing countries – and the figure is still rising. Are multinational corporations therefore now spearheading development cooperation?
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The misguided policy of turning a blind eye

Also in Switzerland the "refugee crisis" is causing a stir. A few facts would be a useful input to this discussion.
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Learning from the rich how to save

Although the Finance Department regularly announces budget surpluses, development aid is to be cut yet again. What is not being mentioned is that Switzerland's taxation and debt levels are among the lowest.

Short-sighted savings at expense of the poorest

Massive cuts were made to the Confederation's 2016 development assistance budget. The Federal Council also cut back the credit lines in its Dispatch on Switzerland's International Cooperation 2017-2020.
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«On-the-spot help» begins in Berne

«Greater development successes will call for a Swiss policy that places no obstacles in the way of developing countries», says Alliane Sud Director Mark Herkenrath.
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Development aid with vested interests

A few weeks ago the Finance Committee of the National Council moved for Switzerland's development assistance to be drastically reduced. Comments by Mark Herkenrath, Director Alliance Sud.
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Achieving more with less money?

The Government hails the long-term strategic benefits of development cooperation, while at the same time it is planning massive cuts precisely in this area.

The misconception around development aid

"Development aid reinforces poverty" – the Swiss media have used this headline in commenting on Nobel Prize Winner Angus Deaton's research. There's a major misunderstanding in this debate.

Development assistance: successful 0.7% petition

A broad-based mobilization was what triggered the gradual raising of Switzerland's official development assistance up to 2015. As a result of a petition, Parliament approved an increase to 0.5% of Gross National Income (GNI).