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Does Tax Proposal 17 spell blacklist?

Switzerland is not on the EU's new blacklist of tax havens around the world. Research by Oxfam International and the Tax Justice Network nonetheless shows that this speaks not in favour of Switzerland, but against the EU.
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#ParadisePapers: How Tax Havens Harm the South

«Switzerland is very attractive to enterprises operating on the fringes of the law», says our tax expert Dominik Gross in an interview with the online platform watson.
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UN: Tax Proposal 17 harms human rights

UN Independent Expert Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky has looked into the impacts of Switzerland's fiscal and financial market policies on human rights. His findings are noteworthy. The human rights expert is apprehensive about Tax Proposal 17.
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Exchange of information: Automatically selective

The Swiss Government wants to extend automatic exchange of financial account information on potential tax dodgers selectively to some advanced developing countries. And to G20 members China and Russia. Stormy parliamentary debates lie ahead.
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Corporate Tax Reform III: The new tax loophole

Corporate Tax Reform III was originally meant to eliminate the Swiss corporate tax haven. The notional interest deduction is now thwarting this intention entirely. It is also likely to harm developing countries.
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No more the sour apples!

The Apple tax avoidance scandal and the Federal Council's draft Law on Country-by-Country Reporting show that there is no way around publicly accessible corporate reporting by multinational corporations.
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Banking secrecy undead

Automatic financial account information exchange is reserved for a club of rich countries. Tax evaders from poor countries will still be able to conceal their money in Swiss accounts in the future.
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Transparent corporations still a long way off?

Country-by-Country Reporting for enterprises is very high on the OECD's agenda. This makes tax transparency an issue for corporate groups in Switzerland as well. Despite this, developing countries (still) have nothing to rejoice about.

Food speculation: need for regulation

Speculation with food generates huge price swings, which can have dramatic consequences especially for the poorest in the global South.