Finance and tax policy


No more potentate funds

In 2014, the Federal Council proposed a law on the treatment of dictators' stolen assets, or potentate funds. At last a good law was adopted in December 2015 despite resistance from right wing parties and some shortcomings.
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Corporate Tax Reform harming the poor

The Swiss Parliament is discussing corporate tax reform III. In development policy terms, with this reform Switzerland is going from the frying pan into the fire.
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Ridge walking on the debt mountain

Many poor developing countries are suffering under a huge mountain of debt. Consequently, the UN is at long last discussing a regulated debt restructuring procedure. Switzerland is slowing things down.
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Corporate Tax Reform III – the South left out

Multinational corporations should pay taxes in the places where they make their profits. Reality is completely different. And with the Corporate Tax Reform III, Switzerland wants to offer them new possibilities for aggressive tax avoidance.
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Financial policy with contradictions

Five years ago Swiss Government has been attempting to build advantages for Switzerland into new taxation agreements. To this day it has no clear grasp of the way these agreements impact the development countries concerned.
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Switzerland and tax evasion from the South

International pressure on tax havens keeps growing. Switzerland is reacting with the usual evasive manoeuvres. In so doing it is also harming developing countries.
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Olivier de Schutter on food speculation

If food security is to be guaranteed, we must fight financial speculation with agricultural products, says Olivier de Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. In the following an interview.
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Don't forget the developing country debts

The European debt crisis is causing a worldwide stir. It is relegating the precarious debt situation of many developing countries to oblivion. The call for a regulated and fair procedure to resolve impending state bankruptcies remains topical.