Trade and investments

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CETA: Carte blanche for the private sector?

States are to have less regulatory powers, whereas foreign investors will be able to file suits against legislative changes. The new free trade agreement between the EU and Canada is alarming.
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Investment protection agreements being disputed

Ever more countries are denouncing their investment protection agreements. South Africa has stopped renewing them as they expire, including the one with Switzerland.
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TTIP, TISA and TTP – world trade revolution?

The industrialized countries are increasingly turning their backs on WTO multilateralism. It is being replaced by regional and thematic mega-agreements. And this, much to the detriment of emerging and least developed countries.
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Did someone say foreign policy coherence?

Switzerland is negotiating a free trade agreement with Malaysia in the framework of the EFTA. The topics should also include the rights of indigenous people, environmental degradation and rampant corruption.

TISA: on the way to unlimited deregulation

Like a steamroller, the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) could flatten almost every sphere of services. Alliance Sud has published a position paper.
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Double-edged sword for poor countries

Today, no product is any longer produced from start to finish in a single country, components often come from all directions. How can the least developed countries be helped not to lose out in global production chains?
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Guidelines needed for the run on Myanmar

Investors sense a new El Dorado in commodity-rich Myanmar. Switzerland too is rapidly expanding its economic relations. How can the course be so set that the influx of capital contributes to sustainable development?

Questionable investment protection agreements

Alliance Sud has published a background paper in view of the parliamentary debate on a new investment protection agreement with Tunisia. It explains the problems associated with these agreements and makes proposals for reform.