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Alliance Sud News offers commentary and critical analyses of Swiss development policy and foreign policy related to poor countries and their population. Each issue focuses on a central topic and also contains shorter contributions on Alliance Sud’s activities.

Alliance Sud News No. 77 - Winter 2013/14

Alliance Sud News No. 77 - Winter 2013/14

The latest issue of Alliance Sud News has been published. Contents: What 2014 has in store for us | The roadmap for the Post-2015 Agenda | Switzerland's lacklustre climate policy | UN climate negotiations | WTO: breakthrough for food security | Global Value Chains: risks and opportunities | etc. ...>>

Alliance Sud News No. 76 - Autumn 2013

Alliance Sud News No. 76 - Autumn 2013

Contents: WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali: food security versus trade facilitation | UN climate conference in Warsaw: time for a climate of equity | Public-private trade partnership: sustainability for the mass market | Returning stolen assets – to whom? | etc. ...>>

Alliance Sud News No. 75 - Summer 2013

Contents: Trade negotiations between Efta and Indonesia | Free Trade Agreement between Switzerland and China | New WTO Director-General | «Climate financing» in developing countries | etc. ...>>

Alliance Sud News No. 74 - Spring 2013

Contents: Post-2015 Development Agenda (1): Gender equality needed | Post-2015 Development Agenda (2): Interview with Jens Martens | Corporate Justice: The run on Burma | Stolen assets: Learning from history | etc. ...>>

Alliance Sud News No. 73 - Winter 2012/2013

Contents: Speculation and food security: Markets must be regulated | OECD guidelines for multinationals: Switzerland lags behind | Transparency in development cooperation: A day in data jungle | Disenchantment of a myth: Backtracking on biofuels | etc. ...>>

Alliance Sud News No. 72 - Summer 2012

Contents: «Corporate Justice» petition submitted: 135,285 people demand clear rules for Swiss Corporations | «Corporate Justice»: the view of a business ethics expert | Public-Private Development Partnerships: Microinsurance is in vogue | Fairer investment protection agreements: The example of Bolivia | New President - old tasks: The World Bank and its projects | etc. ...>>

Alliance Sud News No. 71 - Spring 2012

Contents: Rio+20: No change of course in sight | Rio+20: «We need prosperity without growth» | «Corporate Justice» campaign: Closing legal loopholes | Switzerland's ODA 2013-16: New priorities and more funding | Clean money strategy: Developing countries being ignored | etc. ...>>

Alliance Sud News No. 70 - Winter 2011/12

Contents: Corporate Justice Campaign: Rules for Business. Rights for People | Rio+20: Reservations about Green Economy | OECD DAC Report on the Future of Development Cooperation | Trusts and Front Companies: Rearming Tax Haven Switzerland? | Free Trade Agreements: India fights back over its generics | etc. ...>>

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