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FACT FILE: Climate change, food security, and adaptation

A helpful guide for understanding the relationship between climate change and food security, and ideas for what can be done about it
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Ziele in der Agrarforschung: Klimaneutrale Landwirtschaft

Auf der Grünen Woche wird auch über eine Wende in der Agrarforschung nachgedacht. Eine Neuausrichtung ist überfällig.
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Bhungroo – a women’s technology brings food and financial security

Water scarcity, waterlogging and soil salinity have long been a major problem in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. To make things worse, the region was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2001. But with a simple technology, farmers have managed to...



Human Earthbeat

Der animierte Film thematisiert auf illustrative Art und Weise den Gesundheitsstatus unserer Erde und dessen negative Veränderung innerhalb der vergangenen Epochen. Eine EKG-Aufzeichnung des „Patienten Erde“ visualisiert Themen wie Kolonialisierung...

A threat called Panama Disease

Have you ever considered what it might be like if the banana gets extinct? Banana is for Europeans and Americans a favourite, healthy snack. For most Africans and Asians, however, banana is an important ingredient of their daily diet. Unfortunately...

Hunger and undernutrition: what do we know?

Globally, levels of hunger and undernutrition are unacceptably high. One in eight people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life. One in every four children under five years of age are undernourished, this contributes to 2.6...



Les familles paysannes sèment l'avenir : la souveraineté alimentaire en Afrique : expériences de terrain et nouveaux enjeux de coopération / Plateforme Souveraineté Alimentaire 2016

Depuis septembre 2016 les résultats de la capitalisation en Afrique sont disponible via la brochure : «Les familles paysannes sèment l’avenir ; la souveraineté alimentaire en Afrique : expériences de terrain et nouveaux enjeux de la coopération».

Partager la terre, cultiver, s’organiser et...

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Piccolo gesto in favore dei paesi meno avanzati

Rifiutando il 9 marzo un’importante proposta di minoranza, il Consiglio nazionale ha mantenuto le incoerenze di politica di sviluppo della legge federale sull’approvvigionamento economico del paese.
Articoli di politica

Consiglio degli Stati perde un'opportunità

La Svizzera finanzia le sue riserve alimentari prelevando un dazio doganale sulle importazioni dei paesi meno avanzati. Il Consiglio degli Stati ha perso l’occasione di porre fine a questa pratica.