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Deaths before data

Weighing whether famine will be declared in Yemen, as fighting intensifies and peace talks are delayed

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Articoli in linea

Articoli in linea

Deaths before data

Weighing whether famine will be declared in Yemen, as fighting intensifies and peace talks are delayed
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Un « second génocide » au Rwanda : retour sur un débat complexe

L'ouvrage de Judi Rever permet d’avancer la qualification de génocide, alors que la plupart des spécialistes du Rwanda, y compris moi-même, avaient jusqu’à présent rejeté la thèse du double génocide.
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Colombia’s Libraries of Peace

Since concluding a landmark peace agreement with the FARC last year, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has shown visionary leadership in engaging with formerly guerrilla-controlled areas. One example is his government’s commitment to making...



Jade and the Generals

Myanmars ist bekannt für seine Jadevorkommen, die zu grossen Teilen in ethnischen Staaten liegen. Im Kachin-Staat, wo bis heute bewaffnete Konflikte zwischen ethnischen Gruppen und dem Militär herrschen, befinden sich die profitabelsten Jademinen...

Voices United for Mali – 'Mali-ko' (Peace / La Paix)

In response to the situation in Mali, Fatoumata Diawara has gathered over 40 of the Country's most renowned musicians to record a video and song calling for peace. The group collectively called 'Voices United for Mali' includes Amadou and Mariam,...

Africa's dilemma over conflict mineral

East Africa correspondent Katrina Manson visits mineral traders in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo to investigate efforts to clean up smuggling rackets that have repeatedly funded conflict in eastern Congo. She finds new legislation crafted...



Knowledge for Peace: Transitional Justice, Knowledge Production and an Agenda for Research / éd.: Briony Jones

Transitional justice, like other peacebuilding endeavours, strives to create change in the world and to produce knowledge that is useful (Goetschel and Pfluger 2014: 55). But the politics of how this knowledge is produced, shared and rendered legitimate depends upon the relationships between...

Friedensprozesse : give peace a chance / Larissa Schober... [et al.]

Dem Frieden eine Chance geben – aber wie? Seit 2010 hat sich die Anzahl der Gewaltkonflikte verdreifacht. Heute prägen innerstaatliche Kriege das Gewaltgeschehen. Die Konfliktursachen liegen häufig in komplexen inneren Spaltungen, es müssen nicht ‚nur‘ die Interessen zweier Staaten ausgeglichen...
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Nicaragua: Instilling terror : from lethal force to persecution in Nicaragua / Amnesty International

This report documents several human rights violations committed between 30 May and 18 September 2018 and details the different elements that make up the state strategy of repression to suppress the protests. Amnesty International believes that these violations were carried out not only with the...

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Quando regnano le incomprensioni

La cooperazione allo sviluppo dovrebbe evitare le migrazioni e prevenire il terrorismo. Si tratta di una visione troppo semplicistica. Non è mai troppo tardi per fare chiarezza sui suoi limiti e sulle sue possibilità.

Aiuto d’urgenza sì, ma non così

Il Consiglio federale vuole aumentare l’aiuto d’urgenza per la Siria e altri paesi in crisi. E’ assolutamente necessario. Ma Alliance Sud critica questa decisione di prendere soldi nella CAS a lungo termine.

Nestlé Colombia messa di fronte a una sfida

Alliance Sud e Nestlé sono impegnate da cinque anni in un processo di dialogo ad alto livello, innovatore a più di un titolo. Nel 2008 e nel 2010, Alliance Sud ha condotto due missioni d’inchiesta su Nestlé in Colombia.