New website – new possibilities!

General Page
Alliance Sud has a new website that opens up entirely new possibilities to users. Whether topical development issues or the immense collection of the InfoDoc documentation centres, everything is just a few clicks away.

A completely overhauled Alliance Sud website went live shortly before Christmas 2016. This followed a roughly two-year development phase intended specifically to meet the complex technical needs of Alliance Sud InfoDoc. The pages are meant to be clear and sober as well as attractive and user-friendly all at once. Today the website therefore operates like an "electronic switch". Search strings entered into the search engine produce hits from the most varied sources: videos, multimedia pieces, current articles or e-dossiers produced by InfoDoc are displayed, while a search for country-specific content brings together the wealth of material in the Alliance Sud collection in an instant. InfoDoc materials are available mostly in French and German, and in the Politics section, also in English. One major innovation is that every day, new articles (which are also freely available on the Internet) from dozens of sources are appropriately prepared and search terms added.

The modular technical structure used for the Alliance Sud Politics section also constitutes major progress. The six thematic fields dealt with (2030 Agenda, Development Policy, Climate and Environment, Finance and Tax Policy, Trade and Investments, Business and Human Rights) are clearly arranged, and texts being sought can be more easily located even without the search function.

The Alliance Sud Politics and InfoDoc sections are clearly distinguished from one another as one is assigned dark blue and the other light blue. Besides, the right-hand column always displays material from the other section simultaneously.

We hope you will visit our website regularly. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome at [email protected].