Who Cares


The film 'Who Cares' takes a unique approach to presenting research on unpaid care work linking women and girl's economic empowerment and their human rights. The story follows a woman caregiver, living in poverty, throughout her daily journey as she struggles against the drudgery associated with unequal care responsibilities. Unpaid care work underpins the well-being of all societies, rich and poor, but is unrecognised and undervalued by policymakers and legislators. This animation highlights the need for policy change that recognises the role of women and girls in the provision of unpaid care; reduces the drudgery of unpaid care; and redistributes unpaid care work (from women to men, and from the family to communities and the state), thus laying the basis for true gender equality. The animation complements a United Nations special report on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, and highlights key findings from research on the empowerment of women and girls. The film has been developed by the Institute of Development Studies, with funding from the Department For International Development (DFID).