Swiss Climate Politics in International Headlines

Political article
The recent decision of the Swiss National Council to abolish the domestic climate target has raised eyebrows in Katowice.

Under the headline “Switzerland Astray: Parliament Decides to Kill the Domestic Reduction Target“, the newsletter of the united civil society criticized the parliament for this irresponsible move.

Switzerland would be the only country in the world without a domestic emissions reduction target for the period 2020-2030. The Climate Action Network identified correctly that “there is one last chance”: The Council of States must reverse this decision in the further debate of the new CO2-law next year!

Not only “CAN/ECO” is hoping that the parliamentarians are hearing what President Berset was telling in his address to the climate conference at the same time of this devastating decision: “The cost of inaction is far beyond the cost of action” and that “first movers will be the winners”.

Jürg Staudenmann, Climate Policy Expert, Alliance Sud, is available in Katowice: +41 (0)79 1524172