The Challenge of innovation / Florian Landorff ... [et al.]

“Innovate or die” is a known mantra in the business world. It has already accompanied generations of entrepreneurs, reminding them that if they seek to survive on the market in the long run, “business as usual” cannot be an option. So innovations are a survival strategy. However, this premise has long not applied solely to the business world. For some time now, the stakeholders in development cooper-ation have been aware that resorting to tried and tested insights and methods simply isn’t enough when it comes to coping with global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, depletion of natural resources and a growing number of conflicts. And, at the lat-est, since the entire extent of harm done by the coronavirus pandem-ic has been revealed, for our food systems too, it has become clear that “business as usual” is no viable solution. [Auszug Editorial]