About us

Alliance Sud is the Swiss centre of excellence for international cooperation and development policy. Alliance Sud works towards the goal of strong and effective Swiss development cooperation by preparing studies and background information materials, and through its political stances.

Switzerland is a highly globalised country and exerts an appreciable influence on social, ecological and economic conditions in other countries, especially the poorest ones. In the view of Alliance Sud, a global development policy would therefore require Switzerland to display greater respect for the planet and to devise its economic, financial, fiscal and climate-related policies in a more equitable manner.

Alliance Sud is independent of all political parties and has been influencing Swiss policy since 1971 by championing the viewpoint of disadvantaged people in the countries of the Global South. Alliance Sud is supported and funded by its ordinary and associate members.

The Alliance Sud team

The staff members of Alliance Sud are drawn from a variety of academic, journalistic and professional backgrounds. Alliance Sud takes an interdisciplinary approach to its work, and maintains offices in Berne and Geneva.

Delia Berner
Expert on international climate policy
Dominik Gross
Expert on finance and tax policy
Isolda Agazzi
Expert on trade and investment policy / Media relations French-speaking part of Switzerland
Jochen Wolf
Communications staff member
Kathrin Spichiger
Assistant to the Director and Communications staff member
Kristina Lanz
Expert on international cooperation
Laura Ebneter
Expert on international cooperation
Laurent Matile
Expert on Enterprises and Development
Marco Fähndrich
Responsible for communications and media

Annual reports (in German / French)