Multilateral cooperation

Alliance Sud espouses values-based and people-centred multilateralism. Running counter to this are national self-interest – including that of Switzerland – and continued Northern dominance in many multilateral organisations. This must be overcome.

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What it is about

There is no doubt that pressing global problems cannot be solved without effective multilateral organisations. They too are part of an indispensable system of international diplomacy and dialogue. The self-interest of member states often takes priority, however. The interests of the North dominate many multilateral organisations, especially outside the UN system; this is blatantly obvious in the decision-making and management structure of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Alliance Sud espouses values-based and people-centred multilateralism. This means that the interests of the Global South and civil society must carry much more weight in multilateral organisations. Switzerland also selfishly pursues its own interests in matters of multilateral trade, finance and tax policy. This must be overcome; Switzerland must use its influence in multilateral organisations to boost human rights and advance the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.