Finances and Taxes

Alliance Sud works to ensure that as a global financial centre, and home to many multinational corporations, Switzerland pursues an equitable financial and tax policy. It should not be at the expense of the countries in the South and should support sustainable development around the world.

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Federal finances

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Corporate taxation

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Debt relief

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Sustainable finances

What it is about

Despite all the reforms of the past 15 years, Switzerland is still world's largest offshore financial centre: one quarter of all cross-border assets are managed by banks in Switzerland. Switzerland is also one of the key locations for multinational corporations, and is the leading commodities trading hub. The country therefore bears major global responsibility as a business location. Switzerland has powerful levers with which to help put the world on a sustainable and equitable development path.

Alliance Sud is committed to encouraging Swiss lawmakers to lay the statutory groundwork for ensuring that these levers are also properly used.