International trade

Switzerland's trade policies could hamper the capacity of developing countries to legislate in the public interest and to promote the right to health and food. Alliance Sud works to ensure that Switzerland allows them the leeway they need to pursue their own development.

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What it is about

Alliance Sud has participated in all the ministerial conferences of the World Trade Organization since its inception in 1995, and has urged Switzerland not to work against the interests of developing countries. But these countries have become more powerful in this organization and no longer accept being dictated to by the rich countries.

Alliance Sud continues to monitor Switzerland's activities at the WTO and to do the utmost to deter Switzerland from taking part in initiatives that can prove detrimental to developing countries, as in the matter of COVID-19 vaccines. Bilaterally, it is advocating for the conduct of effective human rights impact studies and for the inclusion of a chapter on sustainable development that also provides for penalties.