International climate finance

As early as 1992, the UN world community stated that the countries causing global warming must provide the countries in the Global South with financial support in coping with the climate crisis. But there is a chasm between the substantial need for support and the scant willingness to provide it. Switzerland is also doing far too little.

What it is about >

What it is about

As the main perpetrators of the climate crisis, the industrialised countries agreed, in 2010, that by 2020, they would increase to 100 billion dollars the climate funding they jointly provide each year to the countries in the Global South. This collective goal has so far not been met owing to a failure to apportion contributions among countries and the absence of mon-itoring mechanisms. Besides, many support contributions are counted towards official development assistance, which means that they are reported twice, even though there is only one financial disbursement.

Switzerland must ensure that its contribution to international climate finance is fair and appropriate and is not taken from existing international cooperation resources, but represents new and additional support for the Global South. Such support will need to increase significantly after 2025 under a new international funding target. Alliance Sud advocates for sustainable additional funding for Switzerland's contribution to climate finance.