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The Alliance Sud head office is located in Berne, regional offices in Lausanne und Lugano. These are the faces behind Alliance Sud.


Alliance Sud Geschäftsleiter
Mark Herkenrath

mark.herkenrath<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 30

Mark Herkenrath is a member of the Federal Commission on Economic Policy and the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries, he is also a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Zurich.

Assistant to the director and

Member of the management board

Kathrin Spichiger

kathrin.spichiger<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 30

Kathrin Spichiger is a founding member of WIDE Switzerland and member of the Steering Committee of the NGO Education Coalition. She originally set up the Alliance Sud Head Office and has helped in setting up the Max Havelaar Foundation. She has training as a primary school teacher and management assistant.


Policy fields:

Agenda 2030 and development policy

Eva Schmassmann

eva.schmassmann<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 40

Eva Schmassmann is a member of the Advisory Commission on the International Cooperation and member of the board of akte, the Working Group on Tourism and Development. She is leading the secretariat of the Swiss NGO Platform and the parliamentary group Suisse-Solidarité internationale and holds a master's degree in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID).

Coordinator Agenda 2030

Sara Frey

sara.frey<at> / Phone: +41 76 388 93 31

Sara Frey is assisting the set up of a civil society platform that will critically accompany and observe the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 Swiss domestic and foreign policy. She studied sociology and environmental sciences in Fribourg and Bern and finished her studies with a Master in Development Studies in Geneva before working in the analysis and policy department of Swiss Development Corporation.

Climate and environment

Jürg Staudenmann

juerg.staudenmann<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 32

Jürg Staudenmann is a member of the Committee of the Climate Alliance and the Climate Action Network. Before he was eleven years with UNDP (most recently Deputy Resident Representative in Serbia). Previously he was a lecturer of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Jürg Staudenmann is former vice-president of the Swiss Association of Environmental Professionals, he is an ETH and NADEL graduate.

Finance and tax policy

Dominik Gross

dominik.gross<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 35

As a journalist, Dominik Gross has written about social inequality and the international financial system. Since his studies in history and philosophy, he is interested in the history of knowledge economy. He is a member of Reporterforum Switzerland.

Trade and investments

Member of the management board

Isolda Agazzi

isolda.agazzi<at> / Telephone: +41 21 612 00 97

Isolda Agazzi is member of the Seco WTO/FTA Liaison Group and she represents Alliance Sud in Our World is not for Sale. Besides she is also a journalist with twentiy years' experience in bilateral and multilateral organizations and NGOs, focus on Switzerland and North Africa. She holds a master's degree at IHEID.

Business and human rights

Laurent Matile

laurent.matile<at> / Phone: +41 21 612 00 98

Laurent Matile previously worked for Seco, was then a member ot the board of the Asian Development Bank in Manila, worked with the IDEAS Center and the UN/WTO's Center for international trade. He is teaching law at HEG (Geneva) und holds a degree and the lawyer's diploma from the Neuchâtel university. LL.M. European Legal Studies (Exeter).

Multilateral development banks

Kristina Lanz

kristina.lanz<at> / Telefon: +41 31 390 93 42

Kristina Lanz recently graduated from the University of Bern with a doctorate in social anthropology on "Land Grabbing in Ghana". As a consultant for Mokoro, she is involved in a project to promote women's land rights in pastoralist communities in the context of mining in Tanzania and Mongolia.

Lugano office

Member of the management board

Lavinia Sommaruga

lavinia.sommaruga<at> / Phone: +41 91 967 33 66

Lavinia Sommaruga coordinates NGO work in Italian-speaking Switzerland. She is a book author and former Board Member of the Max Havelaar Foundation. She worked on assignments for Caritas Italy in women's projects in Turin and for farmers in Haiti. Earlier she was a mathematics teacher in French-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino.

Media and communication

Daniel Hitzig

daniel.hitzig<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 34 (office), +41 79 238 39 31 (mobile)

Daniel Hitzig advises the Responsible Business Initiative (Kovi) in communication matters. Previously he was with Swiss radio and television (SRF) and an ICRC Delegate. He has graduated from the Institute for European Studies, University of Basle.


Matthias Wüthrich

matthias.wuethrich<at> / Phone +41 31 390 93 30

Matthias Wüthrich made his apprenticeshjp in business administration. He then worked in Brooklyn (NY) for an NGO that is supporting children. His last job was at the secretariate of a social institution in Berne.

Mireille Clavien

mireille.clavien<at> / Phone +41 21 612 00 95
Mireille Clavien works part time (20%) for the Alliance Sud Lausanne office. She is an infographic artist and 3D designer with experience in the academic and scientific field and has NGO experience too.

InfoDoc Berne

Dagmar Aközel

dagmar.akoezel<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 37

Dagmar Aközel holds a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) postgraduate degree in Information Science at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur. She holds a BA in Slavic languages and German from Berne University.

Simone Decorvet

simone.decorvet<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 37

Simone Decorvet has an MAS in Information Science at HTW Chur. She as well holds an MA in history and German studies at the university of Freiburg.

joelle.valterio<at> / Telefon: +41 31 390 93 37

Joëlle Valterio is a graduate in documentary information from the Geneva University of Management. She also trained in communication and web publishing. She has been working for more than fifteen years for NGOs and the media.

Emanuel Zeiter

emanuel.zeiter<at> / Phone: +41 31 390 93 37

Emanuel Zeiter holds a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) postgraduate degree in Information Science at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur. He studied German, history and theology at the University of Berne.

InfoDoc Lausanne

Member of the management board

Pierre Flatt

pierre.flatt<at> / Telephone: +41 21 612 00 86

Pierre Flatt is the head of InfoDoc in Berne and Lausanne. He got his CESID (Certificat de spécialisation en information documentaire) diploma from the university of Geneva and has experience in the private sector and with the Confederation (National Library). Licentiate in Sociology and Anthropology, University of Lausanne.

Nicolas Bugnon

nicolas.bugnon<at> / Telefon: +41 21 612 00 86

Nicolas Bugnon is an information specialist and computer scientist, formerly responsible for new technologies at the Burgerbibliothek Bern, web developer at IDéeTicII.

Amélie Vallotton Preisig

amelie.valloton<at> / Telefon: +41 21 612 00 86

Amélie Valloton is a board ,ember of Library Information Switzerland (BIS) amd the secretary of the FAIFE/IFLA Committee and a senior associate of She holds a licentiate in philosophy and master of advanced studies (MAS) in library and information sciences.