Financing for development

Overlapping global crises and scant official development funding represent major challenges for the international community. Alliance Sud therefore advocates for higher development cooperation spending and for Switzerland to desist from using its tax policy to deprive the Global South of funds.

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Public development financing

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Private sector


Mobilisation of domestic resources

What it is about

The money available in international public development funding "pots" is still far too little – in relation to the colossal challenges of the years ahead. The picture is much the same for international climate finance, with rich countries failing to deliver even on their modest promises. As one of the world's richest countries, Switzerland must imperatively do more in this regard. But stepping up public development funding is not enough, as more money is currently flowing out of the Global South than it is receiving from the North.

Alliance Sud is striving to ensure that Switzerland ceases to facilitate corporate tax evasion and avoidance, and that it reshapes its financial and commodity trading centre such that it promotes rather than hampers sustainable development.