Development cooperation

Development cooperation on a partnership basis contributes effectively to sustainable development and peace in the world. This will first require the "localising" and "decolonising" of traditional "development aid". Alliance Sud champions development cooperation that is geared towards partner country priorities and strengthens civil society organisations. 

What it is about >

What it is about

There are ever more insistent calls, chiefly from civil society in the Global South, for development cooperation and humanitarian aid to be fully decolonised, geared towards the priorities of partner countries, and for cooperation to take place on a partnership basis.

It will need unrelenting efforts to break down existing patterns of funding, knowledge generation and cooperation, to share decision-making power, and to make room for non-Western patterns of thought and action. Lastly, racist images, jargons and behaviours need to be recognised and eliminated. Through its work and communication, Alliance Sud works towards overcoming unequal power relations and practices.